My Friends that I've met
on my vacation


Pat and Bill
Hyannis, Mass
June 1999

I have known Pat and Bill for over a year.
I met them for the first time, in person
in Hyannis, Mass. On the beautiful
peninsula of Cape Cod.
I spent 6 wonderful weeks there.
I feel I have made everlasting
friends  with them and their
many friends and family.

See additonal photos

"Pat  and Bill, I would like to thank you
both for  the great time I had.
You are good  friends"



Earle, is a close friend of Bill's that
I had met in Hyannis.
He sure can cook a good
Lobster dinner, Yummy!!




I met June  a friend of Pat's
while I was staying on Cape Cod.
She is a great gal, and we have
become lasting friends.

Betty and Jim

They are friends of Pat and Bill
they live in Providence RI.
 They invited us to their
home for a  great
spagetti dinner. Was so
delicious. Yummy!!
We were laughing and
joking alot at the table,
I just happen to catch
one of those moments on
camera.  *S*
"Thank you so much Betty & Jim,
for the great time I had at
your home. {{{{hugs}}}}"

They have a beautiful home
*See attaced page*



New Milford, PA

I met Ellie over a year ago,
while visiting PA.
I stopped to see her in July.
We had a great time.
She  has become a good friend
of mine.

"Thanks for the fun time, Ellie"


London, Ontario
July 1999

I met Albert online, about a year ago.
I enjoyed my visit to his home.
Albert was a good tour guide
and a great host.
I met his family and grandchildren.
They all were so much fun.
I have some great memories of my
time spent in London July 1999.

"Albert, I would like to thank you
for the wonderful time I spent
at your home.
Your Friend...............Mary"

*(additonal photos of his family)



July 1999

I have known 'Little Mama' for close to
2 years. We met online in my favorite
I had a great visit with her.

"Thanks Jackie......for the great visit


Minneapolis, Minn.
July 1999

I have known 'Sweetbill',  for a couple years
online. It was a pleasure to be
able to meet Bill and his wife.
For more photos of Bill, his wife and
dog, please go to the Minneapolis



"Betty and Steve"
Gibsons, B.C.
August 1999

Betty & Steve's dog

He became a instant
friend of mine.

I met Betty over 2 years ago online.
Betty and Steve have made me
feel so welcome here. It felt like
my home away from home.

They are my dear friends and I
love them lots.

"Special {{{{{Hugs}}}} Betty
and Steve for the great visit"

Take a moment and visit the
additional photo's of their
beautiful farm in Gibsons.


Van Couver BC
August 1999

I met 'Katrina' about 2 years ago online
It was nice  to meet her, while I was
at Betty and Steve's home.


Prince George, B.C.
August 1999

I met 'Sunshine' online, a few months ago.
 I had a great time at her home and
look forward to seeing her again
in Las Vegas, in the coming month.

"Thanks Connie for a fun visit


"I would like to say how very
blessed I am with such great
I will have so many beautiful
memories for years to come."

** I will be adding more photos
as my vacation continues**